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A good outcome for a bad situation.

'Whole Aircraft' Parachutes are being fitted to increasing numbers of Australian and New Zealand aircraft. In an emergency they can lower the whole aircraft with up to six passengers to the ground, and many lives have been saved worldwide.

The most common reasons for activating a chute are loss of control in unintended IMC, failure of a critical component, or engine failure over un-landable terrain.

The driving factor to having a chute installed is often that the pilot's partner wants an insurance policy that can save their partner's life, rather than just delivering a cheque after the event.

Deployment to ensure a safe water landing


Leading Edge Aviation Holdings Pty Ltd are specialist Licenced Aircraft Engineers trained and authorised to supply, advise on installation, and service whole-aircraft parachutes in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and the South Pacific. *Excluding Cirrus CAPS


Installation: 'Whole aircraft' parachutes are safety critical devices operating in a difficult environment. They must be installed correctly so that they do not activate accidently, and must also be able to remain untouched for up to six years and then deploy with a high degree of certainty within 0.1 seconds when needed. When you need it to work, you really do need it to work. Leading Edge can offer technical advice to the owner, or their Engineer, on the procedure for fitting parachutes. The Terms and Conditions of supply of products, installation and advice are as stated in the document available by clicking on 'Terms and Conditions' on the LHS.


Aircraft Types: Systems are available from all three manufacturers for many types of Sports Aircraft and Ultralights and Experimental aircraft.

Supplementary Type Certificates (STCs) have been issued for the U.S.A based Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS), for their parachute systems to be installed in a number of certified GA aircraft including Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Vans RV and Cirrus.


Repacking: To ensure certainty of operation when required, the parachutes must be inspected and repacked at a maximum of six years.

Please contact us for instructions before sending a chute for repacking.

Do NOT send rockets without advice from Leading Edge, they are prohibited for normal courier / freight transport.


Rockets: Are good for 6, 10 or 12 years depending on type. Expired rockets should not be fired off, as they are powerful and will have a dangerously unpredictable flight path without a parachute attached for stability. Contact the repack centre for disposal instructions

Pilots' Tales, and photos of typical installations


Systems Available: Leading Edge can supply, support and service systems to suit most Ultralight, LSA and Experimental aircraft types.


Leading Edge Aviation Holdings Pty Ltd, ABN 51 968 235 650. Chief Engineer Bryn Lockie, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Inspection Authority, has been factory trained in the USA in the theory and practice of ballistic parachute operation and servicing.

Repacks: Email for unmounting and shipping instructions and pricing details. Please advise parachute system unit type and age, aircraft type and registration where available.

New or Replacement Systems: Email for lead time for supply, installation options and pricing details. Please advise aircraft model, type and registration where available.

For further information, contact Bryn Lockie:

Australia - Ph (02) 8355 7009.

New Zealand - Ph (09) 973 5119. Email:

Other Southern Hemisphere - Phone Int +61 2 8355 7009. Email:


BBC Article on Whole-Aircraft parachutes:

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